Data Monitoring Software

(Data Monitoring System) Exclusive monitoring software

  • Intuitive user-friendly GUI

    • Easy-to-select 45 motion pattern icons
    • Setting motion simulation
    • Multilingual menu (Korean, English, Chinese, Portuguese)
  • Real-time quality control

    • Simultaneous control up to 8 axes
    • 170 jobs' data management
    • 16 judgment conditions
  • Excellent data analysis

    • Various searching methods
    • Save, search and extract of data
    • Multiple data graphs
  • Pattern selection
    Pattern selection
    Selection of pattern icon
  • Motion pattern 1
    Motion pattern 1
    Simple motion pattern setting
  • Motion pattern 2
    Motion pattern 2
    Complex motion pattern setting
  • Simulation
    Simulation of selected motions
  • Judgment setting
    Judgment setting
    Judgment conditions setting
  • Monitoring
    Complex motion pattern setting
  • I/O timing chart
    I/O timing chart
    Check for I/O contact and timing chart of drive
  • Sensor calibration
    Sensor calibration
    Menu for calibration of loadcell displacement sensor
  • Status of presses
    Status of presses
    Real-time status of jobs
  • I/O status
    I/O status
    Check for drive and PLC communication
  • Results review
    Results review
    Search for job results & file extract
  • Graphic review
    Graphic review
    Graph of selected data

Judgment conditions

  • Exclusive monitoring software

  • 16 judgment conditions

  • Up to 8 conditions per job

  • Pressurization start position
    Pressurization start position
  • Designated position-load
    Designated position-load
  • Load variation in zone
    Load variation in zone
  • Inflection point(PI)
    Inflection point(PI)
  • Maximum force in zone
    Maximum force in zone
  • Minimum force in zone
    Minimum force in zone
  • Pass from left to right
    Pass from left to right
  • Pass from bottom to top
    Pass from bottom to top
  • Pass from bottom to right
    Pass from bottom to right
  • Pass from left to top
    Pass from left to top
  • Final position load
    Final position load
  • Band management
    Band management
  • Press-in depth
    Press-in depth
  • Maximum force
    Maximum force
  • Final position
    Final position
  • Section force average
    Section force average