Factory Automation

Assembly quality improvement and cost reduction


  • C&M Robotics

  • Effecto Group S.p.A (Italy)

  • Aditya Engineering Company (India)

  • Quick Robot Technology

  • Eurecka Automation

  • C&M Robot & Automation (USA)

  • Unipulse Corporation


  • wia
  • bosch
  • gm
  • 현대
  • 현대파워테크
  • 만도
  • 한라비스테온
  • 기아 모터스
  • 엘지 일렉트로닉스
  • 삼성
  • 현대모비스
  • 현대dymos
  • 현대중공업
  • austem
  • hitachi
  • toyota
  • yamaha
  • geely
  • sanhua
  • schaeffler


  • Industry
    Safety and efficiency can be improved by optimizing the production and quality control of precision parts for automobiles such as bearings and oil seals for engine, transmission, and suspension, etc.
  • Industry
    Mobile Phone
    An optimal system can be established for the production and quality control of cell phone and batteries.
  • Industry
    Battery, Fuel Cell
    The best quality is guaranteed with the optimal system for battery and fuel cell production lines for electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.
  • Industry
    Semiconductors Electronic Products
    The optimal solution is provided for laminating semiconductor parts, manufacturing electronic parts and computer parts, and building quality systems.
  • Industry
    Production Automation Product
    The best system can be built with the servo press and center compensation device used in production automation equipment.
  • Industry
    Other Industries
    An efficient solution is provided for the production and quality control of the products that require precise control and center compensation.