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Since its founding on June 2000, C&M Robotics has been focusing on developing useful technologies needed in the field of factory automation.
As a result, we have grown into a company specialized in press control technology that provides the best solutions and optimal automation systems for precision parts assembly.

Our servo press(FLEXPRESS™) has demonstrated excellent functions in the production and quality control of precision parts assembly and pressurization automation lines, and the excellence of our products has been recognized by leading companies worldwide.
The self-aligning and correction device (CENTER MASTER™) is a product that significantly contributes to productivity improvement and cost reduction by applying center compensation technologies to clearly solve defects caused by center misalignment during precision assembly.

We promise to do our best to provide you with optimal solutions for precision parts assembly and excellent quality control techniques at the reasonable price.
Thank you.

C&M Robotics Co., Ltd. CTO
Sang-Wan, Joo