• A centering device which automatically corrects the center position errors
  • CENTER MASTER helps reduce the defect rate, enhance product quality,
    and reduce construction time of an assembly line
    by correcting center position errors(position and/or angle)
    automatically when assembling various types of
    precision parts(inserting and/or press-fitting)

You can download entire product catalog here. Centering Device Catalog

Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction of assembly failure due to center position errors
  • Uniformpress-fitting quality
  • Wide range of applications
  • Increased binding force between parts
  • Saves assembly line construction time, reducesequipment investment cost
  • Enhanced operation rate
  • Longer life cycle of the assembler
  • Simple maintenance

Examples of application

Center master 사용 예시 사진
  • Use it by inserting in various types of assemblers such as press machines.

Examples of applied components

Center master 적용 부품 예시 사진
  • Car components assembly: Bearings, oil seals, pistons, gears and others
  • Electronic devices assembly: CD players, HDD, and others
  • Motor assembly: Shafts, rotors, bushings, and others
  • Air conditioning assembly: Pins, pistons and others

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