Management Philosophy
Classic plus Modern

C stands for Classic, and M stands for Modern in C&M Robotics.

C&M Robotics was established in 2007 under the mission of “discovering new things by reflecting on the past”.
Our mission is to discover and develop new technical skills which haven’t been acquired in manufacturing industry for a long time.

Our company is an innovation-oriented company and wishes our performances to be evaluated based on original technical skills. We are providing products applied with technical skills that are necessary for the industrial world by striving to continuously develop new technologies.

Our company is in a leading position domestically and internationally by having the required solution for quality management and especially for assembly automation of precision device components such as automobiles.
C&M Robotics focuses on the value of technology and helps companies which lack technical skills by providing consultations.
Our company strives to convert technology into competitiveness.

Our company is conducting joint research with other companies, and we wish infinite possibilities of our customers will bring them successes.

We are working hard to train the next generation and have established the first dual co-training center T-PLUS academy in Korea to cultivate experts who will act as catalysts in the industry.

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