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C&M Robotics Co. Ltd was founded in June 2000.
Since its establishment, C&M Robotics has become a company specializing in automatic assembly
and press-fitting systems based on highly developed technical skills.
We are providing our customers with an optimized automation system
with the best solution for assembly and insertion automation.

One of our most important products is the Center Master,
which automatically corrects center position errors occurred
when various precision components are assembled (inserted/press-fitted),
FLEXPRESS® used in cases of precision component
assembly and automatic insertion, and a graphic indicator IGI Plus
which provides superior functionality in press-fitting quality management.

Our products contribute enhance the productivity and cost reduction
when installed in precision component assembly and insertion processes
that essentially need quality management among a factory automation system.
We have earned a reputation for sustaining quality improvement activities
from domestic/foreign leading companies.
And we deeply value human talent so much that we are continuously making
efforts to develop experts.

All the workers and executives of C&M Robotics cordially invite you to provide us
with candid feedback and criticism for the betterment of our company.
We will always strive to reflect our customers’ opinions and to make the best products.
We wish to be your trusted partner.

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